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Transportation, Pittsburgh, PA

Derrick Carson and Jeff Upton are just a phone call away if you need a ride to the grocery store and back or a ride to your doctor's office and back, or anywhere for that matter. (724) 747-8064

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Medicare Advantage Plan Guidance, Pittsburgh, PA

Jeff Upton has worked 6 years for a managed care organization and 12 years in the pharmaceutical industry. While not licensed to sell health insurance Jeff can certainly help you make sense of the vast array of acronyms and terminology so that you can make an educated decision that you feel good about. Just like he does with his own 79 year old dad each year.

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Gently Used Furniture and Appliances, Pittsburgh, PA

We are excited to say that we have partnered up with Kris Kruze at Self Storage of North Fayette and will serve as a clearing house to redistribute gently used furniture and appliances to those in need.

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