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Friend of a Friend

See How We Did!

"I met Jeff at my local library to review my Medicare Advantage Plan selection because my premium was much lower on the new plan I chose and I was afraid I may lose some benefits. Jeff was very helpful and made it easier to understand. After almost an hour I left feeling much more confident in my selection."

- Monique H.

"I'm not trying to be funny but a friend told me to call Friend of a Friend. I took their advice and after recently escaping from an abusive relationship I was forced to leave several pieces of furniture and various appliances behind. I explained my situation and by the next week Derrick and Jeff had made arrangements for me to get a bed, a couch, a sofa chair and a dining room table just in time for Christmas. When they were bringing my stuff in I couldn't hold back my tears of joy and told them they were my angels."

- Margaret W.